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History of Rockwood 303

  • Rockwood has a long, proud and colourful history dating back to early 1948, when a group of local veterans first met to discuss the possibility of forming a unit of The Army, Navy, and Air Force Veterans in Canada. The required 100 signatures were obtained from veterans living in the area and a Charter was granted to the Unit by Dominion Command on December 01, 1950.

  • The first meeting was held in the Harrow United Church Hall, and Cliff Dusang was elected as the first President. The meetings continued to be held there until Harrow Church offered to sell the church hall, an offer quickly and gratefully accepted. A loan from Dominion Command and Shea’s Brewery enabled purchase of four lots at the corner of Lorette Avenue and Wilton Street.

  • Volunteers now came into their own, preparing a foundation, moving the building onto the site, and renovating the inside for club use. Without the efforts of those stalwart gentlemen, and the Ladies Auxiliary who provided them with sustenance and encouragement there would be no Unit today.

  •  Their tradition prevails to this day, as all activities of the Unit are dependent for their success on the efforts of Volunteers. By 1963 the membership had grown, and expansion was proposed in 1964 a new addition was added on the south side connected to the old hall, with a large hall downstairs.

  • Construction was not over, further expansion was undertaken in 1969 the old church hall that had served us so well was sold and became part of a children’s camp in Beasuejour, a new addition was added in it’s place with cocktail license and another large hall in the basement. This was opened On May 01, 1970 . The next time you visit the Unit I would urge you to raise a glass in tribute to those who made a dream come true.

 Today Rockwood 303 is the place to be!

A fitting tribute to to the founding members, and to those who have followed in their footsteps.

Chartered Members:

Clifford Dusang, James Stobie, B. Holm. Paul Shannon, B. McFayden, M.  Kelly, B. Aitenhead, J. Charbonneau, W, Grahamn, H. Thorlakson, E. Taylor, J. Low, Mrs Margaret Singleton, Mrs V Low, J. Low


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