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"Open to All at Rockwood Unit 303"

  • ACTIVE: For those who have served for at least 1 year in the Canadian Armed Forces or have had a minimum of one (1) year’s service in the Armed Forces of any country, which is a member of NATO and upon proof of such service, or serving or retired Police Officer and Fire Fighter in Canada.

  •  AFFILIATE: Affiliate members have the same voting rights and privileges as active members. Associate members are eligible to move up to affiliate status after 2 years of associate status.

  • ASSOCIATE: All Associate Members prior to January 1st 2013 have both voice and vote. Effective January 1st 2013 all New Associate Members must be initiated before having both voice and vote.

    * An Associate member does not qualify for an elected executive office or as a voting delegate at conventions.

    * The existing 24 month qualifying period for Affiliate Membership remains in effect.

  • 2013 membership dues remain the same as last year, $37.00

  • Download Rockwood's  ANAF Application for Membership PDF icon print the form, fill in the required information, then mail it in or bring your completed application with your $37.00 membership fee to the following address:

ANAF Rockwood Unit 303
341 Wilton St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 3B8



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